Alessandro Aloisi, Composer


Alessandro Aloisi is an avant - garde Italian musician and composer “Dark Ambient”.
Born in Bietigheim Bissingen in January 1977, raised in Baden-Wurttemberg (West Germany), already at the age of 2 he was strongly attracted by the music videos of Kiss
and Krautrock, which was extremely popular in Germany in the 1970s. When he arrived in Italy, he began his training in classical music on piano then guitar.
His musical education ensured that he travelled widely between 1993 and 2001, attending various academies between Lecce and Milan. At the end of the 1990s in Milan he met
Charles Ramirez, one of the most talented English guitarists at that time and a professor at The Royal College of Music in London. In 2002 he moved to London where he graduated
from the Laurea in Performance Guitar at Trinity College, London in 2008.
He has always been attracted to a more experimental repertoire, so his influences and interests have always leaned towards contemporary composing and synthesized music. In
2011, he spent time with two well-respected experimental and electronic composers: Biagio Putignano, one of the most experimental composers in Italy and on the international
music scene and Gianluigi Antonaci, an electronic composer and Digital Art Designer recognized as one of the most prolific in Italy. Following this, he began an intense and
profuse compositional period which continues to this day.
In January 2015 he became a member of the Italian Society of Contemporary Music (Società Italiana Contemporanea Musica)
The focus of his current developmental compositions is based around understanding the creative processes in the universe and the cross-over between acoustic and electronic
music, as well as formally transcribed music alongside improvised music.

Works under the pseudonym ANERHLOD

In 2012, he began his search for a completely unique, personal language and aesthetics under the pseudonym AB IMIS, which soon changed to ANERHLOD, a composition of the
meaning of the composer’s first name combined with the meaning of his surname. The whole creative process for ANHERLOD deserves some explanation, as all his works stem
from the same core process. In fact, the thinking behind the works of ANERHLOD can be summaried as follows:
"Intuition becomes the nucleus of the creative piece, a nucleus which evolves and expands, forming new worlds to be explored and experienced. The absolutely free
approach, without constraints either of form or structure, is intended to provide the listener with an alternative, new experience based on different ways of expression . The close
relationship between freedom - concept - structure - pure randomness - programming and the infinite ways that these elements can be combined and shaped is embodied in sound
scenarios with the ONIRICO-SIDERAL (dreamlike-infinitely distant) character.

Style and influence

The constant search for new sonorities in acoustic, electronic, concrete, non-conventional structures and in continuous change, are doubtless featured among the avant-garde
genres. The influences that led to this aesthetic sound synthesis are clear and closely linked to the geography and period of its formation. Therefore, the fact that Alessandro
was born and raised in Germany at the end of the 1970s and the early 80s was a key factor in allowing him exposure to Kosmiche music (Krautrock), which in turn is directly
linked to Karlhaize Stockhausen.
His adolescence was deeply marked by classical training with almost a veneration for Mozart although his musical instinct almost always included reference to authors such as
Gerard Grisey, Karlhainze Stockhausen, Luciano Berio, Arvo Part, John Cage, Krzysztof Penderecki, etc.
In the 1990s there is no doubt that the influence of grunge (Nirvana) came into its own, while the years he spent in London marked a turning point with alternative rock
(Radiohead and Sigur Ros), along with the Italian Underground (C.S.I. and P.G.R.). He currently listens to a huge variety of music from which he draws inspiration, and is
particularly interested in the innovative work of Brian Eno and the whole spectrum of ambient and electronic music, including the more extreme fringe of this genre, such as
Dark Ambient.
He lives in Salento in southern Italy, a hypnotic-esoteric part of the world where there is a strange blend of the decadent attitudes of Eastern European countries. He has been in a
relationship for 10 years with his life partner Magdalena Siemek.

Published Works

His first compositions were written mainly for acoustic ensembles and based on the exclusive use of musical techniques from the twentieth century (dodecafonia, random,
spectralism, atonals, etc.)

Unpublished Works
- La Grave 2011
- Micro Suite for Three Words 2011
- Dependency 2012
- Eyeing the pacific island 2013
- Night escape 2014
- British Xmas 2014
- Seven Drops 2015
- Lamma Bada 2016 (published on the album Le Rosamarino)
- Digital blue light 2017

April 2015 - first album C.M.C.B. released with the label MAP Edition. An audio-visual journey that traces and comments on the literary work of Jack Kerouac, "Mexico City
Blues", interspersed with social and spiritual themes, essentially a challenge to American society in the 1960s and its approach to Eastern philosophies.
October 2016 - C.M.B.C. republished by an independent artist December 2017: second album, BEADS, released by ANERHLOD has a new sound and
compositional concept. Though still tied to the first album for organic and structural approach, the themes dealt with range from death to creation, via the holocaust and ending with love.

Works with the pseudonym ANERHLOD:

- C.M.C.B. (Album) released October 2016, features the following tracks:
- In my mind
- Life without life
- Refrain n ° 1
- Jaqui Keracki grow opium
- Nothing is the same as everything
- The infinite empty
- Refrain n ° 2
- The sound in your mind
-BEADS (Album) released December 2017, features the following tracks:
- New
-Dla Auschwitz and Birkenau (video version)
- M'S Song
- Signs and Shapes

Live Discography and Awards

- September 2012 finalists at the Music Village Lecce, Italy
- May 2013 guest for the Puglia Public Theatre. Nardó, Italy
- June 2013 guest at CineCittà (Rome) for "Ondamusicale contest".
- October 2014 to May 2015 Registration C.M.C.B. edited by MAP Editions and distributed
- January 2015 SIMC Member (Italian Society for Contemporary Music).
- October 2015 ANERHLOD + Helen Spackman, Palazzo Leuzzi, Galatone, Italy
- April 2016 ANERHLOD + Helen Spackman in SPIT, Quintino Scozzi Centre, Melissano,
- June 2016 finalist at the Demetrio Stratos Competition (Ferrara).
- July 2016 ANERHLOD + Helen Spackman, "Land Festival between two seas" Gallipoli,
- July 2016 single publication JAQUI KERACKI GROW OPIUM
- October 2016 Replay Album C.M.C.B.
- January 2017 first appearance From Auschwitz to Birkenau Ass.” Lu Mbroia” Corigliano d’
otranto, Italy
- April 2017 attendance at the Sanremorock Festival Foggia, Italy
- July 2017 participation in "Unlike Music" Palazzo Santaloya Melissano, Italy
- July 2017 participation at Wave Festival Folkestone U.K.
- July 2018 Tempting Failure Festival London
- January 2019 guest for the Puglia theatre Italy
- May 2019 guest for the Notte Bianca Nardò Italy